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Central Heating & Plumbing Services

We provide all the regular day to day work associated with plumbing, as well as a range of Central Heating Services. From fixing leaky taps to fitting complete bathroom suites, kitchens and heating systems.

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We provide reliable, dependable and cost-effective solutions to your everyday and emergency plumbing and heating needs.


Our team of highly qualified Tradesman are fully accredited and are constantly monitored to ensure the best work is being produced. They are also subject to continuous auditing from a range of professional bodies as part of our Government Scheme work as well as our commercial property work.

Our team are able to tackle any project and offer the highest quality service. Whether you're a Homeowner, Landlord or Property Developer we aim to provide a quality services with as little inconvenience to you. 


New Bathroom Suites & Showers 

Offering a full installation, tiling and fitting service for bathrooms, showers and washrooms, we are happy to supply the suites and hardware to order, or alternatively fit the suites and hardware supplied by you the customer. 


Central Heating Installations - Full or Partial 

We can provide all services relating to a central heating system from servicing or installing a boiler, to fitting a new radiator, or even installing a complete new system. We can offer advice about new technological developments and how they may help with your heating and reducing your bills. We are qualified as a Vaillant Advanced Installation Team and an accredited installation partner of Main Heating.  

Central Heating Power Flushing 

Performance of your heating system can be adversely effected by build up of deposits in your pipework and particularly the radiators. If you have radiators with cold spots that never get properly warm, even after bleeding to release any trapped air, then built up deposits could be the cause of poor system circulation. A power flush to force out the unwanted and harmful deposits could give your system a new lease of life. 

Heating Controllers Installed

We can install a range of heating control technology including wireless, hardwired room thermostats and thermo controlled radiator valves. 


We offer a large range of boilers from all the large manufacturers at competitive prices integrated into the cost of installation, however, we will also undertake the job if you already have your chosen boiler purchased and ready to install 

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