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Insulation Grants

Government Grants


Find out if you qualify for any

Insulation Grants

You may be entitled to Government backed funding for a range of insulation measures in order to make your home more energy efficient. Saving the planet whilst saving you money.

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What are Insulation Grants?

Insulation of your house is a fundamental factor to a warmer, more energy -efficient home and could help you save money on your energy bills.

Cavity/solid wall insulation, under- floor insulation and loft insulation are amongst the most effective ways to reduce heat loss from your home. Insulating homes is costly but under the Energy Companies Obligation (ECO) Scheme, you could be eligible for free home insulation the improvements made to your home can add up to savings on your energy bill.


Insulation Grants

Internal Wall Insulation


What is Internal Wall Insulation (IWI)?

Internal Wall Insulation is similar to the more widely known External Wall Insulation (EWI), however, it is more cost-effective and time-effective. Internal Wall Insulation involves the application of insulation board to the interior face of external walls to improve the thermal performance of the building.

Why choose Internal Wall Insulation?

  • The external look of the property is unaffected and your house doesn't look out of place.

  • It is more time & cost effective as scaffolding isn't required which is both expensive and reliant on weather conditions which are difficult to predict in the UK.

  • Once the Internal Wall has been insulated the inside of your home is given a new and fresh look.

  • Insulating the internal walls could make a big impact on annual heating bills. According to the Energy Savings Trust this could save up to £455 on annual heating bills.

If Internal Wall Insulation is something which you are interested in please click the 'Apply Now' button and fill in our Simple Online Form or give us a call on 01274 952 150 or Email us at


Insulation Grants

Loft Insulation


What is Loft Insulation?

Installation of Loft Insulation is a very simple process however it can be very beneficial in reducing you energy usage and bills. In essence it is like laying a thick blanket over the heat loss area above your home. Loft insulation consists of Mineral Fibre Wool being Laid between the Joists in your Loft and then subsequently on top of the joists on your Roof.

How does Loft Insulation Work?

The thick layer of mineral wool captures heat which would normally be lost through the roof creating an insulating barrier. It also stops draughts getting in.

What are the benefits of Loft Insulation?

  • Reduced Heat Loss in your home.

  • Reduced Energy usage and therefore reduced Energy bills.

  • Installation is quick and simple with next to no disruption in your home.

  • Once it is installed it is completely maintenance free.

If you already have loft insulation and your insulation is 100mm or less, you may benefit from a top-up, you can then increase it to the recommended level of 270mm.

If Loft Insulation is something which you are interested in please click the 'Apply Now' button and fill in our Simple Online Form or give us a call on 01274 952 150 or Email us at


Insulation Grants

Room in Roof Insulation


What is Room in Roof Insulation?

Room In Roof Insulation is where insulation boarding is installed in between the rafters underneath the existing plasterboard walls to help keep the heat inside. The rigid foam insulation boards are generally made from polystyrene or polyurethane.

How does Room in Roof Insulation Work?

The insulation boards are placed in the space between the rafters in the loft and act as a protective layer against the cold outside whilst keeping the warm air inside.

The rigid insulation structure provides a complete waterproof barrier and means that the rising warm air can’t escape.

If you‘ve already converted your loft into a liveable space, the insulation boards are cut to the right size and inserted underneath the walls. This could mean removing the ceiling or removing and re-roofing the tiles to reach underneath. Or, a second option is to add another layer to the ceiling which could fit the insulation. This might be easier and cheaper, but is more likely to restrict headroom. If you haven’t converted your loft space but you’re thinking of doing so in the future, the insulation boards can be installed and plasterboard placed on top.

What are the benefits of Room in Roof Insulation?

  • Excellent for insulating loft conversions

  • Prevents heat escaping through your roof

  • Reduces your energy bills

  • Can be covered with plasterboard for an attractive finish

  • Makes your home feel cosy and warm

If Room in Roof Insulation is something which you are interested in please click the 'Apply Now' button and fill in our Simple Online Form or give us a call on 01274 952 150 or Email us at


Insulation Grants

Under Floor Insulation


What is Under Floor Insulation?

Insulating your loft involves completely filling the space between the beams under your floor with mineral wool insulation “blankets” and securing this in place with nylon netting. By installing this from under your floor, there is no need to take up your carpet and floor boards – ensuring that you have a quick mess free install.

How does Under Floor Insulation Work?

Underfloor insulation uses the basic laws of heat and cold to its advantage in order to insulate any space in which it is installed. The concept is surprisingly simple, but extremely effective at the same time. To sum it up, the primary purpose of underfloor insulation is to keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer—period. The way it does this by creating a barrier that protects your home from the air that flows beneath your property. The point of this is to keep your floor the same temperature as the inside of your home, and prevent any outside air from coming in and infiltrating your property. This happens because wooden floors tend to have many little air gaps through which outside air flow can sneak into your living space. Not to mention that the temperature of the floor itself can easily change to that of the external climate very quickly without insulation.

Other insulations available for your home include wall insulation and cathedral ceiling insulation. These insulations serve the same purpose, but do so in slightly different ways. For example, foil ceiling insulation acts effectively by providing your home with a reflective surface that creates a mirror against the harsh rays of the sun. In essence, it stands guard at your house and reflects back any heat that tries to penetrate your home. 

What are the benefits of Under Floor Insulation?

  • It Eliminates Drafts

  • It Will Prevent Heat Loss

  • It Will Create a Vapor Barrier and Reduce Moisture

  • It Will Help Keep Pipes From Freezing

  • It’s Cheaper Than Insulating Uninsulated Spaces

  • It Will Help in the Summer, Too

If Under Floor Insulation is something which you are interested in please click the 'Apply Now' button and fill in our Simple Online Form or give us a call on 01274 952 150 or Email us at


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