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Customer Complaints Policy


To ensure that any complaints we receive are dealt with in a structured manner by being recorded, acknowledged and resolved


All areas of our operation.

Revision Date


Amendments Made

PAS 2035:2019 and PAS 2030:2019 Introduced

Complaints Procedure

Any complaint in relation to any aspect of our work where compliance with PAS 2030:2019 and PAS 2035 is intended to be, or
has been, claimed, from any source, must be informed to the Quality Representative and Retrofit Coordinator without delay.

Ownership of a Complaint
Complaints may be received from a variety of sources and may be verbal or written. The Quality Representative should, in the
first instance, ascertain the procedure to be adopted in the case of a particular complaint.

Standard Complaints Procedure
In the absence of any other agreements that may be in place regarding the handling of complaints that may have been made
with any commissioning agents, the following procedure should be adopted:

When we receive a complaint, GD F11 - Complaint Form will be completed.

The complainant will be informed as to the next course of action or when they will be contacted to discuss the matter further.
The Complaint Process is as follows:

  1. Relevant complaint form raised and passed to the Quality Representative;

  2. The Quality Representative or a person specifically instructed by the Quality Representative will contact the complainant within 1 working day, unless otherwise agreed, and advise on steps to be taken to address the issue;

  3. The Quality Representative will fully investigate the complaint, decide on the next course of action and record all relevant information;

  4. The issue should be rectified within the time-period agreed with the complainant, or the complainant should be contacted and a new timescale agreed;

  5. Once the issue is rectified this should be detailed on the complaint form;

  6. Whenever possible, we should try to obtain written confirmation that the complaint has been resolved to the satisfaction of the complainant. Any information received will be retained in the GD R06 - Complaints Record and a copy placed in the GD R01 -Project Folder for the installation concerned;

  7. The Complaint Form and any relevant information should be collated by the Quality Representative;

  8. The Quality Representative will enter the details of the complaint on GD R06 - Complaints Record under the same reference number as the Complaint Form. The log should be marked as to whether the complainant was satisfied with the outcome. Any evidence supporting the documented outcome should be retained within the GD R06 - Complaints Record;

  9. Preventative action should be considered to prevent a recurrence of this issue - this action should be recorded on the GD R02 Corrective and Preventive Action Record.


Any complaints records will be submitted to the Retrofit Coordinator upon request, and kept for a minimum of six years.

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